The Tips 提示攻略

Here are tips for the Game Confess My Love .



Press menu button to view your items.

You kept your belongings in your own drawer.

Julie has appetite in cakes.

You claim endings mainly depending on the time of the confession.

More items would be accessible once you've achieved several endings.


【Normal Endings】

Show your love and you claim an ending.

Which ending you would get depends on the timing and your final choice. (12 in total)

(Check the endings list below for more information.)

Leaving the classroom directly also grants you an ending. (1 in total)

Waiting through the five minutes grants endings either. (2 in total, differs by whether Julie was here or not.)


【Special Endings】

After having achieved 11 endings -

Collected four pieces of jigsaw puzzle, which located in the cabinet, the rostrum, the second desk from right in the first row (check twice) and the desk behind Liza's.

Tend to the plant with a cup of water to get a code.

Unlock the monitor's notebook to get the key.

Open the cabinet, ask Julie to leave, close the curtains.


Well, at a certain time (when the timer shows 3), confess your love (to claim the ending "......").


After which you will have a chance of 2 in 3 to enter the mutated room.

(Whose ending statement is "The love hymn, disappeared in a flash.")

Then you can claim the remaining endings. (4 in total)

(Probably require several runs, I know that's troublesome.)

You will tell many differences between mutated room from the normal one. Whether you escaped leads to two different endings.

In the next run, Willie may remember something. Now get the certain item to claim two more endings, differs by whether Julie was here or not.

【The final Ending】

After having achieved 19 endings, check the bulletin board.
Talk to Julie. (The last one)
After all these, you shall be in the additional room ~




【Endings list】

◆◆◆◆◆ time Endings ◆◆◆◆◆

【5 seconds】

-------------- 12 「Inadequate preparation」

【5 seconds ~ 1 minute】 (show 0)

-------------- 1 「Ignorance」

【1 minute ~ 2 minutes】 (show 1)

-------------- 2 「Inaudibility」

-------------- 3 「Interrupt」

【2 minutes to 3 minutes】 (show 2)

-------------- 4 「Astrology Theory」

-------------- 5 「Friend」

【3 minutes to 4 minutes】 (show 3)

-------------- 6 「Normal ending」

-------------- 7 「……」

【4 minutes to 5 minutes】(show 4)

-------------- 8 「Good good study」

-------------- 9 「Sexual orientation」

【5 minutes finished】

- J here ---- 10 「Failure」

- J is not here - 11 「give up」


◆◆◆◆◆ Conditional Endings◆◆◆◆◆

【Leave the classroom】

-------------- 13 「I couldn't make it」

【Send a Gift】

-------------- 14 「Refusal」

-------------- 15 「misunderstanding」


-------------- 16 「Escape」

-------------- 17 「Nightmare」

【After the change】

-------------- 18 「You are insane.」

-------------- 19 「Harm」

【The final Ending】

-------------- 20 「E N D」

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